150-th Anniversary Marathon

July 24, 2021 The Israeli show

At the traditional Show

Nomination statement

Sheet by Kaai du Plessis | Sheet by Albert Kurkowski

Preparation for the Show

Catalogue with time table ♥ Layout of catalog numbers

Layout of catalog number of the Israeli SuperCats-ring and Final: Males, Females, Neuters, Junior, Kittens

Layout for the finalists of the previous stages of the Marathon, according to the Final catalogue for:

Males, Females, Neuters, Juniors, Kittens


July 17, 2021 East show.

Catalogue with time table ♥  Layout of catalog numbers

Judging Franqouise Dubos  in the 1st office ♥  Phillipa Holmes in the second office

Information about Nominations BEST of BEST at 13:00

July 17, 2021 West show. Start at 14:00

Catalogue with time table in the 1st office .  Delegates for FINAL will voice at the July 18.

July 24, 2021 Israelian show


July 24, 2021 FINAL of the Anniversary MARATHON